Online Community College Courses

Have you been thinking of taking an online continuing education or community college course?  There’s a community of online educators that utilize ed2go college courses to bring continuing education college courses and adult education right to you, when you need it!  I did a quick search on the ed2go site and found that there are several colleges listed for San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County and Ventura County.  Alan Hancock College, Cuesta College, Ventura College, California State University Bakersfield, West Hills Community College District in Lemoore, Community Education College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles Pierce College Extension, Porterville Adult Education, College of the Sequoias in Visalia, and the Computer Gym Training Center in Visalia all offer online community college courses!  Here’s a complete list of California Community College Courses.

Do you need to spruce up your resume and update your job skills? Learn Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and more online anytime, anywhere… Now is the perfect time to check out continuing education and college courses online!

Have you taken an online continuing education or community college course?  Share your thoughts today!


Summer Camp Ocean Pines Cambria California

Here’s a fantastic Central Coast California Summer Camp – Check out Camp Ocean Pines on the coast! Summer Camp promises to be great fun – it’s time to register for summer camp! They now have the 2009 schedule posted of the 7 great weeks of outdoor fun and adventure. Your kids will really enjoy the Big Sur Campout, and if they want to go horseback riding the Morro Bay State Park Campout will again include horseback riding. Your kids can even go to summe camp in Yosemite! We’re looking for kids 16-18 years old for our leadership training program, which is fun and great work experience!

Please view the website for Ocean Pines Cambria summer camp!


Santa Maria Style BBQ – We’re Famous!

It’s official, we’re famous!  As locals we know how much fun we have scouting out a good Santa Maria Style BBQ event – and here’s something new!  Check out the beautiful pictures and video of grilled tri-tip, with Chef John’s own recipe! 

Click Here:  Beautiful Tri-Tip Pictures (and a great how-to-bbq-tri-tip video using a marinade.)

And here’s a very nice blog about Santa Maria Valley BBQ:

Click Here:  Everyting you wanted to know about Santa Maria Style BBQ

Do you have a charity bbq event coming up?  Let us know and we’ll shamelessly plug it for you!!!  Just leave a comment and we’ll get right on it!  (Of course we’ll need to come by and sample, just to make sure everything is up to our high-brow standards!)  (Be sure to click on the Chef John link to hear his comments on the video about the “Santa Maria Style BBQ no-eyebrow look!)

Toys for Tots Toy Drive at Pappy’s Restaurant

Pappy’s Restaurant invites you to come by the restaurant, located at the Betteravia exit off the 101 in Santa Maria, and bring a new, unwrapped toy valued at $10. or more for the Santa Maria Toys for Tots Toy Drive! 

Pappy's Restaurant Santa Maria Style BBQ

Pappy's Restaurant Santa Maria Style BBQ Chicken & Tri-Tip Barbecue

The owner , Bob Torres and I were talking about the best way to promote his new Santa Maria Style BBQ chicken, baby back pork ribs, and tri-tip lunches and dinners, and we thought a charity fundraising drive would be a great way to kick things off!  So Bob invites everyone to come and have a soda on the house when you donate a new, unwrapped toy at Pappy’s for the Toys for Tots Fund Raiser!  (Checks made out to Toys for Tots also welcome!)  And, if it’s lunch or dinner time, why not stay for a Santa Maria Style BBQ Chicken or tritip or ribs lunch or dinner?  The soda’s on Bob when you bring a toy! 

Santa Maria Style BBQ Chicken & Tri-Tip

Santa Maria Style BBQ Chicken & Tri-Tip

Come by Pappy’s today for  some of the finest Santa Maria Style BBBQ in Santa Maria! 

Allejandro & Santa Maria Style Seasonings

Allejandro & Santa Maria Style Seasonings

(No MSG – we checked!)  Bob sells his own brand seasoning, and it’s great!  Read more about other Toys for Tots toy donation stations in Santa Maria and Orcutt here:  Toys for Tots Santa Maria & Orcutt

I’m Thinking About Getting a Camper!

I have a friend that just bought a brand new pop up camper, and I have camper envy!  When I was a kid, my family bought a used pop up camper, and we practically lived in it!  So I’m in search of a camper, and thought that I’d handle it the same way as I would the purchase of a used car!  So why not check Kelley Blue Book for the value of a camper?

So I’m off to the Santa Barbara County library today to see if they have the current edition.  I also found the Kelley Blue Book site for the value of a camper.  I sent them an email and asked permission to link to that page, so stay tuned for that info!  It took me some searching on the Kelley site to find it, so hopefully they’ll let me link, and you can follow that!  In the meantime, if you go to the official Kelley site, and type “camper” in their search box, you will be directed to the camper page.  It lists two publications, which are available by subscription.  One is the Official RV Guide, which has information on motorhomes, campers, van conversions, and is for the period 1986 – 2007.  It covers the used values plus list prices of new units.  The Kelley Blue Book Official RV Guide publication costs $56. per year, and is issued in January, May and September.  The other publication is the Official RV Guide for travel trailers, fifth wheels, and folding trailers (pop-ups).  It lists used values plus list prices of new trailers.  The Kelly Blue book guide for travel trailer campers, fifth wheel campers and pop -ups is also $56. per year, and is issued twice a year, in April and October.

That’s about all the info I have right now.  On their website you click on your state, and a pop -up lists their dealer’s name and telephone number to order.

I’ve had great luck buying used cars with Kelley Blue books, and am looking forward to tracking down a copy of the publication for finding the blue book value of a camper!

Now – what about you?  Have you bought or sold a used RV, van conversion, camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, folding trailer or pop-up and used the Kelley Blue Book to find the value of a camper?  Have you checked out or  What do you think – recommend the subscription price and own a copy? Or should we just head to the library?  Join in the conversation!

Worlds Best Santa Maria Style Barbecue Tri tip! Java Moto Style!



If you’re looking for the Worlds Best Santa Maria Style BBQ Tri-tip, stop by Java Moto any Friday or Saturday at noon for fresh barbecued tri-tip sandwiches with the worlds best fresh salsa.  you’ll also have a great time with hundreds of motorcycle fans at BIKE NITE Santa Maria, the first Thursday of each month, from 6pm to 9pm right in front of Java Moto.  They’ll be barbecueing 45 tri-tips this coming Thursday, June 5th, and that’ll be a wonderful aroma you can smell for blocks away!  (Be there or be square!)  You’ll find Java Moto at Thorsen Motorsports, 2004 Preisker Lane, Suite J.  (From the 101 take the Broadway exit, turn left at the first light at Preisker.  Java Moto is between the Harley Davidson dealership and Thorsen Motorsports.)  I’ve been talking to Matt and Lloyd about Java Moto’s Santa Maria Style Barbecued Tri-tip, and I headed over last Friday at 11:00 am and was just in time to see Lloyd taking it off the grill, and boy did it smell great!  He was super friendly and let me take pictures, and even gave me all the details for his SECRET seasoning!!!  Wow!  That’s great to know EXACTLY how he seasons the tri-tip!!!  Java Moto’s BBQ Tri-Tip was the best I’ve ever tasted, and folks, it’s safe to say – it’s the WORLDS BEST TRI-TIP!  (Check out the Santa Maria BBQ website for more fotos, and the recipe, including all those important questions like – how long to cook the tri-tip, how to grill bbq tri-tip Santa Maria Style, cook the tri-tip fat side up or fat side down, trim or not trim the tri-tip, how to slice the tri-tip, and what exactly to use for the Santa Maria Style Seasoning…. etc.!!!!) And if you need to update your equipment, check out

See you Thursday June 5th at 6pm at the Santa Maria Bike Nite at Java Moto!


Santa Barbara County Events – Santa Maria Style Barbecue

Here are two Santa Barbara County Events for Santa Maria Style Barbecue that you won’t want to miss!  When you’re in Santa Maria, you can find Santa Maria Style Barbecue dinners easily!  It’s fun to try new charity fundraising barbecues, and here’s all the info you need……

People are always wondering where to go for Santa Maria Style Barbecue – here are two suggestions!  There are regularly scheduled weekend barbecues in Santa Maria on Broadway that would be fun to check out!

  • The Filipino Community of Santa Maria Valley holds carity fundraising barbecues of Filipino food and Santa Maria Style BBQ at the Smart and Final Parking lot, 1721 South Broadway, every Saturday and Sunday of the month.  Weekly menu items include Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip, Santa Maria Style Barbecued Chicken, and BBQ Beef Kabobs, Chicken Adobo, Salad, Rice, and Bread.  Meals cost $6.00.  For information about this regular weekly BBQ event in Santa Maria, call (805) 922-3422 or (805) 922-3799.  Here are easy directions to find the Filipino Community charity fundraising barbecue.  If you’re coming from the north:  When traveling on the 101 through Santa Maria, take the Main Street exit, travel west to Broadway.  Turn left on Broadway and continue south for several blocks.  The cross street is Newlove Drive.  If you’re traveling from the south, take the Betteravia exit, travel west to Broadway, and turn right at Broadway and continue for several blocks. Here’s a link to a google map: 
  • Map to 1721 South Broadway, Santa Maria, California

  • The Filipino Catholic Society, under the direction of St. Mary’s Church and St. John Neumann’s Church, holds a charity fundraising barbecue every third Saturday of the month, weather permitting, in the Walgreens parking lot, 707 North Broadway, Santa Maria.  A $6.00 dinner includes Santa Maria Style Barbecue Chicken or BBQ Tri-Tip, beans, salad and bread.  This location is easy to find.  Here are directions to the Filipino Catholic Society fundraising barbecue.  If you’re traveling from the North, take the Broadway exit, drive severl blocks south, and the cross street is Alvin.  You could also take the Donovan exit, travel west to Broadway, turn left and travel one block to Alvin.  From the south, take the Main Street exit, travel west to Broadway, and turn right at Broadway, travel for about 5 blocks.  Here’s a link to a google map: Map to 707 North Broadway, Santa Maria, California

Does all this talk about barbecue leave you hungry for good barbecue?  Need to update your BBQ grill?  Here’s a great site to check out – – Homepage.