Worlds Best Santa Maria Style Barbecue Tri tip! Java Moto Style!



If you’re looking for the Worlds Best Santa Maria Style BBQ Tri-tip, stop by Java Moto any Friday or Saturday at noon for fresh barbecued tri-tip sandwiches with the worlds best fresh salsa.  you’ll also have a great time with hundreds of motorcycle fans at BIKE NITE Santa Maria, the first Thursday of each month, from 6pm to 9pm right in front of Java Moto.  They’ll be barbecueing 45 tri-tips this coming Thursday, June 5th, and that’ll be a wonderful aroma you can smell for blocks away!  (Be there or be square!)  You’ll find Java Moto at Thorsen Motorsports, 2004 Preisker Lane, Suite J.  (From the 101 take the Broadway exit, turn left at the first light at Preisker.  Java Moto is between the Harley Davidson dealership and Thorsen Motorsports.)  I’ve been talking to Matt and Lloyd about Java Moto’s Santa Maria Style Barbecued Tri-tip, and I headed over last Friday at 11:00 am and was just in time to see Lloyd taking it off the grill, and boy did it smell great!  He was super friendly and let me take pictures, and even gave me all the details for his SECRET seasoning!!!  Wow!  That’s great to know EXACTLY how he seasons the tri-tip!!!  Java Moto’s BBQ Tri-Tip was the best I’ve ever tasted, and folks, it’s safe to say – it’s the WORLDS BEST TRI-TIP!  (Check out the Santa Maria BBQ website for more fotos, and the recipe, including all those important questions like – how long to cook the tri-tip, how to grill bbq tri-tip Santa Maria Style, cook the tri-tip fat side up or fat side down, trim or not trim the tri-tip, how to slice the tri-tip, and what exactly to use for the Santa Maria Style Seasoning…. etc.!!!!) And if you need to update your equipment, check out

See you Thursday June 5th at 6pm at the Santa Maria Bike Nite at Java Moto!



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