Santa Maria Style BBQ – We’re Famous!

It’s official, we’re famous!  As locals we know how much fun we have scouting out a good Santa Maria Style BBQ event – and here’s something new!  Check out the beautiful pictures and video of grilled tri-tip, with Chef John’s own recipe! 

Click Here:  Beautiful Tri-Tip Pictures (and a great how-to-bbq-tri-tip video using a marinade.)

And here’s a very nice blog about Santa Maria Valley BBQ:

Click Here:  Everyting you wanted to know about Santa Maria Style BBQ

Do you have a charity bbq event coming up?  Let us know and we’ll shamelessly plug it for you!!!  Just leave a comment and we’ll get right on it!  (Of course we’ll need to come by and sample, just to make sure everything is up to our high-brow standards!)  (Be sure to click on the Chef John link to hear his comments on the video about the “Santa Maria Style BBQ no-eyebrow look!)


2 responses to “Santa Maria Style BBQ – We’re Famous!

  1. Great Blog! Always gald to see Santa Maria get props for it’s authentic BBQ. Think you might of left a restaurant out of the mix though…The World Famous Hitching Post Restaurant which brought Santa Maria Style BBQ to perfection in 1952. And check out the new biz BBQ2You, they now ship their BBQ anywhere in the country!

    • Thanks for your comment, Stacey, you are absolutely right! I haven’t done a post yet on my favorite restaurant in the Santa Maria Valley, the Hitching Post in Casmalia! I love to go there, and have some great stories to tell about the fun times I’ve had there. We had a surprise birthday party for one of our coworkers there, and it was wonderful! The steaks and mushrooms have always been excellent, and the wait staff is great! Now I’ll have to check out for the delivery of your great steaks!

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