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Toys for Tots Toy Drive at Pappy’s Restaurant

Pappy’s Restaurant invites you to come by the restaurant, located at the Betteravia exit off the 101 in Santa Maria, and bring a new, unwrapped toy valued at $10. or more for the Santa Maria Toys for Tots Toy Drive! 

Pappy's Restaurant Santa Maria Style BBQ

Pappy's Restaurant Santa Maria Style BBQ Chicken & Tri-Tip Barbecue

The owner , Bob Torres and I were talking about the best way to promote his new Santa Maria Style BBQ chicken, baby back pork ribs, and tri-tip lunches and dinners, and we thought a charity fundraising drive would be a great way to kick things off!  So Bob invites everyone to come and have a soda on the house when you donate a new, unwrapped toy at Pappy’s for the Toys for Tots Fund Raiser!  (Checks made out to Toys for Tots also welcome!)  And, if it’s lunch or dinner time, why not stay for a Santa Maria Style BBQ Chicken or tritip or ribs lunch or dinner?  The soda’s on Bob when you bring a toy! 

Santa Maria Style BBQ Chicken & Tri-Tip

Santa Maria Style BBQ Chicken & Tri-Tip

Come by Pappy’s today for  some of the finest Santa Maria Style BBBQ in Santa Maria! 

Allejandro & Santa Maria Style Seasonings

Allejandro & Santa Maria Style Seasonings

(No MSG – we checked!)  Bob sells his own brand seasoning, and it’s great!  Read more about other Toys for Tots toy donation stations in Santa Maria and Orcutt here:  Toys for Tots Santa Maria & Orcutt


Santa Maria Style Barbeque – Best BBQ in the West!

Santa Maria Style Barbecue Chicken


Santa Maria is famous for its’ Santa Maria Style Barbecue, and for good reason!  It tastes great!

Barbecue Chicken Santa Maria Style

 The recipe for Santa Maria Style BBQ is simple, Santa Maria Tri Tip and Santa Maria BBQ Chicken can’t be beat!  Drive down Broadway any Saturday from spring to fall, and you’ll be enticed by the incredibly good barbecue aroma!  For a lazy Saturday afternoon, here’s a suggested route to see what’s cooking!  From the 101, exit Clark and head west into Orcutt, stopping first at the intersection of Clark and Bradley.  There’s usually a fund raising barbecue in the Longs parking lot.  Next, continue down Clark to highway 135 – Broadway, and head north on Broadway.  The next likely spot for a fundraiser BBQ is at the intersection of Betteravia and Broadway, again in the Longs parking lot.  This is where I found the worlds best barbecued chicken today, a fundraiser for the Coastal Xtreme Girls 14U trip to the World Series in Park City, Utah.  (Check the photos and recipe tips from the master bbq chef!)  If you don’t find Santa Maria style barbecue at this intersection here, just continue north on Broadway, and enjoy your tour through Santa Maria in search of the worlds best barbecue!  As you drive down Broadway, on a nice Saturday, anytime from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, you’re sure to find the worlds best barbecue tritip and chicken! (If you have barbecue envy and need a new BBQ – check out

Worlds best BBQ Chicken - No kiddin!

 Here’s the happy crew I found out and about on May 17, 2008 at the corner of Betteravia and Broadway in Santa Maria!  Darrell Cosand (smiling gent second from left) was kind enough to allow me to interview him and his fantastic Santa Maria style BBQ team, and shared ALL of their secrets for the best flavored BBQ in the entire world!!!  (In my humble opinion!!!)  

I guarantee you, it’s the best barbecue chicken in the entire world!!! (IMHO  ; – )