Welcome to the Santa Barbara County Winetrail Blog.

We respect your privacy.  We don’t collect any information about you.  We don’t send you any email unless you send us one first.  We think spam is gross.  So we don’t do it and don’t want to be friends with anyone that does.  If you’ve made a comment and change your mind and want it removed, just leave a comment on the same post and ask for your comments to be removed.  No worries!  We think those robot blogs that scrape posts off other blogs are a scam!  If you read this post on any other blog other than then laugh out loud, it was ripped off!  If you own a blog and scrape other people’s personally written content so you can have words on your blog so people will click on your ads, shame on you, that’s a scam.  This blog is a free blog, and the google ads on this blog belong to wordpress to offset hosting expenses.

If you need to contact us just leave a comment on any post.  If you don’t want it published just mention that in the comment.  I’d leave the email address here but the spam robots are already filling up my email inbox!


Penny Gould


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