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Santa Barbara County Events – Santa Maria Style Barbecue

Here are two Santa Barbara County Events for Santa Maria Style Barbecue that you won’t want to miss!  When you’re in Santa Maria, you can find Santa Maria Style Barbecue dinners easily!  It’s fun to try new charity fundraising barbecues, and here’s all the info you need……

People are always wondering where to go for Santa Maria Style Barbecue – here are two suggestions!  There are regularly scheduled weekend barbecues in Santa Maria on Broadway that would be fun to check out!

  • The Filipino Community of Santa Maria Valley holds carity fundraising barbecues of Filipino food and Santa Maria Style BBQ at the Smart and Final Parking lot, 1721 South Broadway, every Saturday and Sunday of the month.  Weekly menu items include Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip, Santa Maria Style Barbecued Chicken, and BBQ Beef Kabobs, Chicken Adobo, Salad, Rice, and Bread.  Meals cost $6.00.  For information about this regular weekly BBQ event in Santa Maria, call (805) 922-3422 or (805) 922-3799.  Here are easy directions to find the Filipino Community charity fundraising barbecue.  If you’re coming from the north:  When traveling on the 101 through Santa Maria, take the Main Street exit, travel west to Broadway.  Turn left on Broadway and continue south for several blocks.  The cross street is Newlove Drive.  If you’re traveling from the south, take the Betteravia exit, travel west to Broadway, and turn right at Broadway and continue for several blocks. Here’s a link to a google map: 
  • Map to 1721 South Broadway, Santa Maria, California

  • The Filipino Catholic Society, under the direction of St. Mary’s Church and St. John Neumann’s Church, holds a charity fundraising barbecue every third Saturday of the month, weather permitting, in the Walgreens parking lot, 707 North Broadway, Santa Maria.  A $6.00 dinner includes Santa Maria Style Barbecue Chicken or BBQ Tri-Tip, beans, salad and bread.  This location is easy to find.  Here are directions to the Filipino Catholic Society fundraising barbecue.  If you’re traveling from the North, take the Broadway exit, drive severl blocks south, and the cross street is Alvin.  You could also take the Donovan exit, travel west to Broadway, turn left and travel one block to Alvin.  From the south, take the Main Street exit, travel west to Broadway, and turn right at Broadway, travel for about 5 blocks.  Here’s a link to a google map: Map to 707 North Broadway, Santa Maria, California

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