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I’m Thinking About Getting a Camper!

I have a friend that just bought a brand new pop up camper, and I have camper envy!  When I was a kid, my family bought a used pop up camper, and we practically lived in it!  So I’m in search of a camper, and thought that I’d handle it the same way as I would the purchase of a used car!  So why not check Kelley Blue Book for the value of a camper?

So I’m off to the Santa Barbara County library today to see if they have the current edition.  I also found the Kelley Blue Book site for the value of a camper.  I sent them an email and asked permission to link to that page, so stay tuned for that info!  It took me some searching on the Kelley site to find it, so hopefully they’ll let me link, and you can follow that!  In the meantime, if you go to the official Kelley site, and type “camper” in their search box, you will be directed to the camper page.  It lists two publications, which are available by subscription.  One is the Official RV Guide, which has information on motorhomes, campers, van conversions, and is for the period 1986 – 2007.  It covers the used values plus list prices of new units.  The Kelley Blue Book Official RV Guide publication costs $56. per year, and is issued in January, May and September.  The other publication is the Official RV Guide for travel trailers, fifth wheels, and folding trailers (pop-ups).  It lists used values plus list prices of new trailers.  The Kelly Blue book guide for travel trailer campers, fifth wheel campers and pop -ups is also $56. per year, and is issued twice a year, in April and October.

That’s about all the info I have right now.  On their website you click on your state, and a pop -up lists their dealer’s name and telephone number to order.

I’ve had great luck buying used cars with Kelley Blue books, and am looking forward to tracking down a copy of the publication for finding the blue book value of a camper!

Now – what about you?  Have you bought or sold a used RV, van conversion, camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, folding trailer or pop-up and used the Kelley Blue Book to find the value of a camper?  Have you checked out http://camper-blue-book-value.com/ or http://foldingcamper.org?  What do you think – recommend the subscription price and own a copy? Or should we just head to the library?  Join in the conversation!